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2020年1月30日            第259期 逢星期四出版                                                      广告热线: 604.270.6606

                                       协 平 耀 钻 贺 新 岁 世 博 群 居 添 福 寿

                           协平世博为欢庆农历庚子年,诚邀国际钻饰大师 DE BEERS 打造一系列专属限量版首饰酬谢买家,价值由 $10,000 至
                          $80,000。由即日起至2020 年2 月22 日止,只要订购协平世博集团旗下位于温哥华,本拿比,烈治文或素里市的新居,


                                          本拿比展销中心              列治文展销中心                素里展销中心               温哥华展销中心
                                           4750 Kingsway       8511 Capstan Way      9908 King George    88 Pacific Boulevard
                                           604-435-1383                                 Boulevard
                                          每日 11am - 5pm         每日 11am - 5pm          604-588-9503        每日 10am - 5pm
                                          (逢周五休息)                                    每日 11am - 5pm
                         Jewellery displayed will be different from actual pieces given out in the Lunar New Year Diamond Program (the “Program”). Jewellery prices listed above include applicable taxes
                         and are approximations only. The Program is valid until Feb 22, 2020 and is only applicable to new unit purchases in The Arc, Avenue One, Concord Gardens, Galleria at Concord
                         Gardens, Concord Brentwood, Park George, Park Boulevard and W1. The developer reserves the rights to change, modify, extend or cancel the incentive at any time without notice
                         or compensation. Other terms and conditions apply; please see your Concord Pacific representatives for details. All illustrations reflect the artist’s and architect’s interpretation of
                         the project and do not take into account the neighbouring buildings, physical structures, streets and landscape. This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering can only be made
                         with the applicable offer to purchase and agreement of sale, and disclosure statement. Concord Park George Limited Partnership, Concord Arc Limited Partnership, Concord Avenue
                         One Limited Partnership. Concord Brentwood Limited Partnership, Concord Shokai Brentwood Phase 1B Limited Partnership, Concord Galleria Limited Partnership. Concord Gardens
                         Limited Partnership. Concord Park Boulevard Limited Partnership. Concord W1 Limited Partnership. E&OE.
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